Are you aware of the term “Gymtimidation”? This actually describes the fear of a person in the Gym when someone better than him looks at him and this
fear becomes the biggest hurdle between him and fitness. What is the main reason of this condition?


Comparison is never a good thing for the people specially for the beginners. The problem starts when someone compare himself with others better than

Can we compare the knowledge of a school boy with a university graduate?

A very big NO

Then how to overcome this fear?

The Answer is

“Dare to accept your current position and stop comparison” Give yourself a Vision and Target that you will be better than him/her after the target time.
This is the reason behind the FitnessFear.com. Here we will try to help the people to overcome the Fitness Fear and live a Fit and Healthy Life.

“Health is a Great Wealth”

All most all are aware of this statement but how many of us are trying to get this wealth.

The motive of FitnessFear.com is to become a platform for everyone to get this wealth. Here you will find the Health and Fitness Tips, Product Reviews, Expert Opinions, Food and Diet Tips, Health and Fitness Books and Magazines etc.

Comprehensive Reviews and Buyers Guides to buy the Best Gears and Equipment to setup or update your own personal home gym with Pros and Cons. This will help you to get the right and best product.

Always Remember that everything changes with time. Changing the mindset might be difficult but it is not impossible. Say Bye to Fitness Fear, believe on yourself and Say loudly “I Can Do It”

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