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Pull-up and Chin-up are the upper-body strength exercise. Both look alike but these are different and give quite different results which we will discuss later in this article. In the beginning, I am going to share a guide for the equipment which is used for both the above-mentioned exercises. Yes!, I am sharing with you the Buyer’s Guide and Reviews of Best Pull Up bars. After going through his guide, you would be able to choose the Best Chin-Up and/or Pull Up Bars to add to your Home Gym setup.

6 Best Pull Up Bars to Buy in 2020 [Reviews]

Experts consider the Pull-Ups the King in workouts exercises. Because this exercise strengthens many muscles simultaneously. Usually, people use different things for hanging to do the pull-ups, like the fence, some swinging pool, branches of tree, etc. which is not the perfect way to do this.

Now thousands of gadgets and equipment are available for different types of work and activities. Same way, you can get the Best Pull Up Bars to the Pull-Ups or Chip-up. There are many types of Pull Bars are available in the market but most common types are the doorway, wall/ceiling mounted, free-standing or stations. All types have their advantages and disadvantages which you should know because it will be going to help at the time of purchasing a good pull up/chin-up bar.

I am going to share with you the Reviews of Best Pull Up Bars/Chin-Up Bars of different types which are also best in their categories. You will know the short and brief descriptions about the specifications and the Pros and Cons that could be helpful for you in choosing the best suitable products.

1. Iron Age – Best Doorway Pull Up Bar

1. IRON AGE Pull Up Bar - Best Doorway Pull Up Bar - Chin-Up Bar

Iron Age Pull Up Bar is the first pick for this article due to its design, size and customer satisfaction. It is one of the best sellers pull bars on amazon. First of all its design with ergonomically angled end will help to protect your wrist. It has different foam grips on the upper bar which offers a wide range of grip options like shoulder-width grip, close grip, and normal grip. In Addition, to pull up options, this pull up bar is included the Suspension staps to give you more workout options.

It has the perfect size which will easily fit on the different door sizes even if the door is in the corners. Door pads on the old models of Doorway pullup bars which were not good for the surface of the door. Iron Age Doorway Pull Up Bar comes with new foam surface pads that will protect the door frames and this bar will not leave any o mark on the door frame.

Iron Age Pull Up Bar is a powerful machine that can hold the wait up to 400 lbs (200 Kg) which is more than normal requirement. It does not require any assembly and you just hang it and start the workout. It is the best space saver and after you finish your workout activities, you can just hang it in your cupboard or keep under the bed.


  • No assembly needed
  • Support 400 lbs weight
  • Door protective design
  • Support suspension straps


  • A little expensive

2. Uflyy – Best Doorway Pull Up Bar Without Screws

2. Uflyy – Best Doorway Pull Up Bar Without Screws

Our second pick is also a doorway pull up bar of a different type. This also holds the position of best sellers on amazon with many satisfied customers. This Doorway Pull Up Bar by Uflyy is perfect equipment for your home gym. It has extralong non-slip foam grips to give the extra comfort while doing workouts. It can be used for the different type of exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. by installing it on the different heights of your door frame

This Pull up Bar can easily fit on the door frames with different width with its adjustable design. Unique locking mechanism and silicone pads prevent the bar from loosening and spinning. Not suitable for week or old doorframes because it will be destroyed or will destroy the door frame.

Uflyy Doorway Pull Up Bar has a strong steel pipe that is thickened through the chrome-heated process and it can hold the weight up to 440 lbs (220 Kg). No assembly and screws are required because it uses the antiskid devices for installation on the door frames. It is a single bar that can be stored easily after you complete your workout.


  • No assembly needed
  • Support 440 lbs weight
  • Door protective & anti-skid design
  • Adjustable size


  • A little Expensive

3. Perfect Basic Pull Up – Best Budget Doorway Pull Up Bar

3. Perfect Basic Pull Up – Best Budget Doorway Pull Up Bar

The next product is Perfect Basic Pullup by Perfect Fitness which is a famous brand on amazon for fitness equipment. This doorway pull up bar is very simple in design, less in price and best sellers on amazon. Perfect Basic Doorway Pull Up Bar is best for basic pull-ups and chin-ups. It has the adjustable swing arm that works for rows, traditional pullups, tricep presses, lunges, and other bodyweight exercises

This pullup bar is very simply designed and can be installed easily on most door frames from 27-36 inches and the door will also remain functional. The Perfect Basic Pull Up Bar holds the weight up to 220 lbs (110 Kg). Easy to assemble and install and can be used by both beginners and professionals.


  • Best budgeted
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Adjustable size


  • Holds Less weight
  • Not for wide door frames

4. Merax – Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

4. Merax – Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Merax Wall-mounted Pull Up Bar is our next pick. This is one of the best sellers Pull Up Bars on amazon with many satisfied customers. This Wall-mounted Pull Up Bar would be a good addition to your home gym if you have no issue in drilling some holes in your walls. this is a 48” side pull up bar which gives the different options for gripping like narrow/close, normal, parallel or wide to build different muscles. It has non-slip foam grips to give comfort while doing different workouts. It offers different types of exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raise, etc.

Wall-mounted pull bars usually take more time for assembly and installation as compared to the doorway pull up bars. But once you installed, no more work requires because you don’t have to remove it every time after the use. It also has 2 suspension anchors which allows you to hand the different type s of weight or steps for other activities of yoga or boxing.

Black powdered coated steel is used in Merax Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar and it can hold the weight up to 440 lbs (220 Kg). Minor assembly and screws work is required for installation.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Multiple gripping options
  • Great design


  • Expensive
  • Weight capacity could be more

5. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower – Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar

5. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower – Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Tower or Free Standing Pull Bar Stations are usually big in size and offer more workout options. My next pick is Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower which is a free-standing pull-up bar station. This is one of the best-sellers product among the Free Standing Pull Up Bars on amazon with many satisfied customers. As said before, this pull-up/chin-up tower is more than a pull-up bar. It offers many other exercises for abdominal workouts and arms like leg raiser, vertical knee raiser, push-ups, etc. and also a dip station where you can build your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars stations are usually heavy and take a couple of hours in assembly. Assembly does not require special skills and you can fix it easily by following the steps mentioned on the user guide manual. But again this is a one-time effort and once you will finish this, you just need to workout only.


  • Strong and heavy-duty
  • Multiple workout options
  • Best prices equipment


  • Grips foam could be better

6. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower – Best Pull Up Station

6. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower – Best Pull Up Station

The last pick for this article is the Harison Multifunctional Power Tower Pull Up Station. This station is one of the best home gym stations on amazon which do not only offer the pull-ups or chin-up but also many other work out you can do on this wonderful station. It is the best free standing pull up bars station with the adjustable height. You can do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, inclined push-ups, vertical knee raise, hammer pull-ups, dips, leg raise, chest exercises and much more with this amazing home gym station.

Harison Power Tower has a durable steel frame that’s reinforced with a powder-coated steel tube frame. It has non-slip foot, customized design and Gym-level construction with foam rollers provide great comfort and safety. Assembly will take more time if you don’t have basic assembly knowledge.


  • Heavy duty and strong frame
  • Wide range of workout
  • Gym quality equipment
  • Adjustable height


  • Expensive
  • Weight capacity should be more

Buyer’s Guide – Pull Up Bars/Chin-Up Bars

Shopping is an art and the shoppers are the artists. If you are doing shopping for your family, or for yourself regularly, you have developed the shopping sense for those items, you are buying regularly.  But, when you will try to shop something different, you will have some hesitation in the selection because you are not a specialist in that product. 

We have developed this guide for our readers so they can easily select their desired and Best Pull-Up Bars with hesitation. We have compiled some important things /factors that need to be considered while selecting you as the best suitable pull-up or chin-up bar.  

1. Types of Pull-Up Bars

Before we start the review of Best Pull Bars, I would like to share here with you the types of pull up/Chin up bars. It will be important information for you to know which type will be the best and suitable option for you. 

The purpose of all pull up or chin-up bars will remain the same but not all the users have the same type of space where they will use it. Some of you might have a proper home gype while the other might be living in a studio apartment. So for both types of users, the type of it might be different. In short, it’s mean the userspace will be an important factor for the selection of the Best Pull Up Bars. 

So Let’s start the type one by one and then I will share the best product of each type. 

Doorway Pull-Up Bars: 

This type of pull up bars can be fixed on the door frames with or without screws. These are usually the cheapest in the price and easy to assemble. Very easy to use, and not big space is required to store. Some models of doorway pull-up bars can be used for multiple purposes. 

Wall & Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bars : 

This type of pull up/chin-up bar can be mount on the walls or in the ceiling with screw. These are fixed types and cannot move easily from one place to another. These are usually more powerful and can bear more weight than the Doorway Pull Up Bars. 

Freestanding/Station Pull-Up Bars:

Freestanding or Station are stand-alone tower with a stable base to manage the weight and prevent it from falling while in usage. Usually, Free standing Pull up bar stations are heavy and expensive. Also, it requires a proper space where it can be placed. 

Portable Pull-Up Bars:

If you are a frequent traveler, a portable pull bar will be best for you. This is usually cheap in price, very easy to assemble/disassembled and store.

2. Space and Size:

Space and Size are directly linked and the most important factors which must be considered before placing an order for a pull-up bar. Always choose the product which can easily fit into place. 

If you are living in a small apartment with no special space for mounting, you can choose the doorway pull up bar which can be fixed with/without screws on the door frame. But, still, you must ensure first if the product is compatible with the frame size of the door.  

Second option is wall mounted or ceiling mounted pull-up bar or chin-up bar. This is comparatively better if you have a dedicated space. This can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and no more assembly is required. I personally recommend, this if you have proper space for it because it is more powerful and stronger than the doorway pull-up bars.  

Lastly, if you are in great love with fitness and you have a dedicated area or big space in your house or apartment for a house gym, you must choose the free-standing.  Usually, these freestanding pull-up bars are workout stations that can be also used for many other workouts on it. Also, all other types can be used for these users. 

3. Assembly and Mounting

This is another important factor to be considered while going to buy a Pull Up Bar. Normally the assembly becomes tougher and takes more time as the size of the equipment increases. 

Doorway or Portable Pull Up Bars have the easiest assembly and mounting. Most doorway pull up bars have a few steps for assembly and does not require any drilling in the wall or door. You just need to hang these on the door frame and start the workout. 

Wall or Ceiling Mounted pull up or chin-up bars have the second easiest assembly. You need to follow a few steps to assemble by using the guide which is quite similar to the assembly of doorway pull up bars. Once you completed the assembly, you have to make many holes in the wall or ceiling where you will mount this. you must ensure that you are drilling into the concrete wall not in the drywall because that cannot support the weight. 

Lastly, the assembly of the free-standing pull-up bar station is the toughest among all the types discussed above. This is because of the big size of the station. It might take a couple of hours to assemble this however it does not require the mounting efforts as it is a stand-alone station and design in such a way that it will not fall while you will be doing pull-ups or chip ups. 

This factor needs to be considered in the sense if you have not the expertise of the assembly because it is a one time process that will not going to be repeated in most of the cases. 

4. Grip Position & Multi-Functionality

Most of the pull-bars are now come with different grips options which are normal grip, close grip, and wide grip.  Some also have different handles that allow you to do the pull-ups easily and accurately. 

However, you must ensure before placing the order that your selected product has the best grip. Also, for the safety point of view, ensure that the provided grips must be non-slip. 

There are several pull up bars especially free-standing and stations that have additional accessories with grips to give you more options to expand your experience of workouts. 

5. Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity is another very important thing to remember otherwise you might get a product that will not be compatible with your body weight. It could be a safety hazard if you choose a pull-up bar that cannot lift your weight and any accidents to happen. 

Standard pull-up bars nowadays can carry a weight of 300 lbs. However, every model has its own specifications and weightlifting capacity. You be careful while choosing your Best Pull Up Bars.

Pull-Ups are considered as a king in workouts and without choosing the perfect product, you cannot get the best results. Keeping the above statement, Pull Up bars holds the position of the king in different home gym products. 

It is always better to get the benefit from the experience of others. You can save your time and money by following this guide by which is specially made to help you to get the Best Pull Up Bars and Chin Up Bars. All the factors are compiled from the experience of the users of different products.

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