Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars for Home Gym

There are many home exercises but the Pull-ups and Chin-ups are the best and most liked by the fitness lovers. Pull-Ups are very simple exercise but it works very well to build the entire upper body and core muscles. Doing the pull-ups correctly, you will need the Best Pull Up Bars and out of many other types, we bring the Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars and you can select the best pull up bar to add to your home gym.

There are many pull up bars are available in the market and finding the best product is a bit difficult. But, if some factors are considered then you can easily find the best suitable pull-up bar. We did research on many products on Amazon which are good in quality, best in price, and Amazon listed those as the Best Sellers based on the very good feedbacks from users.

In this article of Best Wall Mounted Chin-Up Bars & Pull Up Bars, you will find the best product without going to the Amazon website and checking every product individually. Also, we have picked only those products that are available at the time, we published this article because many products in other products review articles are not available on Amazon.

5 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars/Chin-Up Bars [Reviews]

In this section, we are going to share with you the Individual Review of 5 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up/Chin-Up Bars. You will find the basic specifications of each selected item, pros and cons, and the reason why you choose that pull up bar. At the end of this post, you will be able to add the best wall-mounted chin-up bar or pull up bar to your home gym collection.

1. Merax Fitness – Overall Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

1. Merax Fitness - Overall Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Chin-Up Bar

Merax is a brand that offers many products related to household and sports. The pull-up bars by Merax are very good in quality and can be used for many types of exercises including, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, etc. Merax Fitness Pull Up bar/Chin-Up bar is one of the best products that is the mixture of strength, diversity, and simplicity that make this bar our top pick. This bar gives everything you need in a wall-mounted bar, while still maintaining a slim, compact frame.

The Merax Fitness bar can handle the weight up to 286 lbs (~130 Kg) of weight that is suitable for most of the users. The unique design gives the different gripping positions up to 48″ and you can do wide, narrow, parallel pull-ups or chin-ups to strengthen your muscles. In addition, it has two built-in suspension anchors which can be used to hang other training accessories like yoga straps, punch bags, etc. to enhance the exercise experience.


  • Strong Steel Structure
  • Multi-Grips options
  • Simple structure
  • Suspension Anchors


  • A Little expensive

2. Yes4All Heavy Wall Mount – Best Chin-Up Bar

2. Yes4All Heavy - Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Chin-Up Bar

If you are looking for a sturdy pull-up/Chin-up bar without extra frills, this pull bar by Yes4AllFitness is best for you. This rock-solid steel bar provides plenty of grip options in a tough and durable frame that will enhance your experience.

The Yes4All Fitness bar is made of heavy and thick steel and the powder-coating prevent your hands from slipping that you might experience using chrome or glossy coated bars. Yest4All heavy pull up bar frame is welded together and can hold up to 500lbs (~230 Kg) of weight that is more than enough for regular users. It is one of the strong chin-up bars that ensure the stability and safety of the users. It has a wide rod that offers different gripping options for pull-ups and chin-ups.


  • Classic Bar Design
  • Powder Coated Non-Slippy Frame
  • Impressive 500 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Reasonable Price


  • Less Gripping Options
  • Large Frame Looks Bulky

3. Merax Wall Mounted – Pull-Up Bar Station

5. Merax - Best Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar Chin-Up Bar - Dips Station

Another very good product by Merax would be a best addition to your fitness gadgets. This wall-mounted pull-up bar station has many workouts options and could be considered as one of the most complete setups on this list. In fact, this bar station can be assembled two different ways, firstly, a perfect pull-up bar with extra handles for dips, and secondly for abdominal exercises, this is a station with padded armrests for more advanced core exercises.

This rather bulky unit can handle 440 lbs (~200 Kg) weight that is more than enough for most types of bodies. This strong station gives many options for exercises with your bodyweight and with accessories as well. You will also find the suspension anchors to hang the punch bag or yoga straps. As mentioned above it is a multi-featured product that will give the different grips and you can perform the wide-grip, close-grip, and neutral-grip pull-ups, as well as chin-ups.


  • Multiple Workouts
  • Two Way Mounting Setups
  •  Heavy Weight Capacity
  • Multiple Gripping Options
  • Comfortable Padding


  • Assembly Could be Difficult

4. Yes4All Wall Mount – Best Budget Chin-Up Bar

4. Yes4All - Best Budget Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar -  Chin Up Bar

Our next pick for Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is another product of Yes4All Fitness. This Pull-Up Bar could be a perfect addition to your home gym in a very reasonable price with good quality. It is perfectly designed for multiple gripping options and you can do the pull-ups with wide-grip, close-grip, and regular grip as well as the chin-ups with the comfortable padded handles.

Like the other model by Yes4All Fitness, it also has the powder-coated steel frame which is one of the important safety features to prevent the slipping. Further, it can support the weight up to 300 lbs (~130 Kg) that is awesome and suitable for most types of bodyweight.


  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Multiple Grips Options
  • Non-Slippy Powder Coated
  • Reasonable Price


  • Weight Capacity could be more

5. Zynuo Up – Foldable Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

3. Zynuo Up - Foldable Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Chin-Up Bar

This foldable Chin-Up bar Zynuo Up could be a perfect addition to your home gym. It is a lightweight and foldable wall-mounted Pull-Up bar which is not only lightweight but also a durable bar that can support a weight up to 250 lbs (~110 Kg). It is designed in such a way that you can easily enjoy the different grips option like wide, narrow, parallel, etc. With its padded handles, it provides a comfortable grip to make your workout comfortable.

It is very easy to install with the help of provided assemble and installation guide with having any special mechanical knowledge. The folding feature will save your space when not in use.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Multiple Grips Options
  • Comfortable Padded Handles


  • Lower Weight Capacity

Things to Consider Before Buying A Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

There are a few things that should be considered when you are planning to buy a Wall Mounted Pull Up/Chin-Up Bar. As compared to a Doorway Pull Up Bar, the wall-mounted pull-up bar you will be required a fixed space at your place. Because most of the Doorway Pull Up Bars does not require drilling and screw and you can place the bar after the workout to storage areas like in cupboard, garage, or under the bed.

A Wall-Mounted Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bar requires the drilling in the walls that could damage the wall if not selected carefully. To avoid the damage, we have developed this Guide to assist you in taking the correct decision to buy a pull-up bar for a perfect addition to your home gym.

1. Design

The design is a very important thing to consider. Usually, you will find two types of bars one is bolted while the other welded. Both have their own Pros and Cons. We have explained shortly both types in the below paragraphs for your understanding.

Bolted Pull Up Bars: These are the most common type and a lot of models are available at different stores. You will be required to assemble the bar before mounting on the wall. These are normally easy to assemble.

Welded Pul Up Bars: These are assembled products and you will be required to drill the wall and mount. Usually, welded bars are heavier and stronger than the bolted bars. You will notice prominent high prices but this will ensure the durability and will support the more weight as compared to other types.

Add-ons are also very important to design the fact that will tell what other workout options are available other than pull-up/chin-up. There are many designs available that offer the suspension anchors to support the boxing and yoga accessories. Also, some additional bars or handles are provided to support the abdominal workouts and dips.

The expert opinion is to go for a welded bar with add-ons if you do not have the limitation of budget and space. You will get the best wall-mounted pull bar with additional supports and it will save your money to buy other small products. Otherwise, go for a bolt with or without add-ons based on your budget and space.

2. Space and Size:

Even the design section has an explanation of this but still writing here because Space and Size both are very important facts to be considered after you finalized the budget and design. Never choose any product which could be too big or too small for your place.  

Some people have a dedicated place for the home gym while others don’t. If you are one of those, then there is a wide range of products to choose from. However, if you are living in a small apartment then the pull-up bar must be according to your space and in this case, the pull-up bar should not be bulky.

Expert opinion is to have a doorway pull-bar if you are living in a small apartment. Also, this will be good for those who are in the rented apartment where the landlord will not allow the drilling and damaging the wall.  

3. Wall Type

This is a fact that most people never think about. The best wall type for a Wall-Mounted Pull Up/Chin-Up bar is the concrete wall. The drilling could be difficult but you can experience the best result. The biggest mistake most the people do is try to mount the pull-up bar in the drywall which is a gypsum wall that cannot hold the weight. The result you will get in the shape of the damaged wall and loss of the money.

Expert Opinion is to check you walls before placing the order for a Wall mounted chin up bar or pull up bar.

4. Assembly and Mounting

The welded type of pull bar does not require any assembly and this requires only the drilling work for mounting. However, the bolted type of pull up bars will require a minor assembly that does not require the technical expertise. The assembly could be different for different models. Some will need a minor while the other requires more based on the size and design of pull up bars.

Mounting of Wall mounted pull-up bars is a little difficult and if you don’t know how to drill then you will need the assistance form some technician.

Expert Opinion: Choose a perfect place for mounting the bar and then drill otherwise drilling on multiple places will destroy the look of your wall.

5. Grip Position & Multi-Functionality

Always prefer the pull-up bar which offers the different grips options like wide-grip, close grip, and standard.  Some also have different handles that allow you to do the pull-ups easily and accurately. You can build your muscles in a better way with different gripping options.

The grips should be made of good material that can give comfort to your hands while doing pull-ups. Also, the surface should be non-slippy because of its safety importance.  

Several pull-up bars have additional options for other accessories that will expand your experience of workouts. You can hang the punch bags, or yoga steps, or other related accessories.  

6. Weight Capacity

Last but not the least, Weight Capacity is one of the important factors that need to be considered very carefully. Every best chin-up bar or pull up bars come with the different weight capacity. Read the specifications carefully and check if the selected product can bear your weight. Always choose the ar that has at least 25% more weight capacity than your weight.

Using a pull-up bar with underweight capacity could be a potential safety hazard. Always give importance to the safety features of fitness equipment because ignoring these can cause the serious injury that might last a long time. Always check the safety guidelines and don’t stick to only manufacturer things. Your life and your body is your prime responsibility.

Usually, standard pull-up bars can carry a weight of 250 lbs but every model has its own specifications and weightlifting capacity. Always choose to Pull Up Bars carefully according to your weight.

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