11 Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit

An intensive session of a hardcore workout can leave your heart racing and your breath panting for more. This is a clear sign that you haven’t tapped into your full potential, and what better way to reach your limit than adding weights into your workout routine. 

By introducing a weighted vest to your physical training regimen to increase your body weight, you can amp up your cardiovascular training and bodyweight exercises by further developing your muscular endurance and strength. 

When it comes to improving your high-intensity workouts, CrossFit practiced with a weighted vest is a match made in heaven. It allows you to spice up and modify your training technique by intensifying persistent functional movements which comprise day-to-day activities to achieve the desired benefits of your cardiovascular system. 

By investing in a weighted vest for your CrossFit training, you’re not only investing into your fitness regime but rather unlocking an unrecognized ability to achieve your true form by inculcating varying vigorous routines into your training to additionally challenging yourself. 

Hence, a commitment of this level isn’t to be taken lightly and that is why we will be analyzing the Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit available in the market to reap the most out of this niche fitness equipment. 

1. Everlast Weighted Vest with Reflected Grey

1. Everlast Weighted Vest with Reflected Grey - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


When it comes to physical fitness equipment, Everlast ensures to deliver. Their Weighted Vest with Reflected Grey is a great addition to amplify your strength training program due to the comfort and adaptability that it offers. 

The weighted vest is made out of Neoprene and filled with built-in weights such as iron, sand, or weighted beads that stay intact due to the high-quality, sweat-proof fabric and stitching used to manufacture this product. 

Moreover, the weighted vest contains textured panels inside which assist in limiting the body’s movements during vigorous exercise for anchoring and safety purposes. It also has a convenient feature of adjustable straps that guarantee comfort for all various body types. 


  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.6 inches (H) x 3.9 inches (W)
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Grey
  • Department: Unisex adult


  • Built-in sand and iron weight filling
  • Adjustable straps
  • EverGrip technology
  • Textured panels 
  • Adjustable straps for a snug, comfortable fit
  • It remains in place during any intensive workout
  • session
  • Lightweight
  • The weights are not adjustable
  • One size

What Makes Everlast Reflected Grey Weighted Vest the best? 

Everlast’s Reflected Grey Weighted Vest has proven to be a prime choice of best weighted vests for CrossFit trainees who value both their fitness and their comfort. 

The adjustable straps provide it with an edge over its competitors, guaranteeing a close-fitting arrangement over the stomach and chest regions suitable for varying body types. The straps further inhibit the vest from excess movement and flailing everywhere when performing cardio intense exercises, ensuring flexibility and ease. 

Furthermore, due to its delicate design and being lightweight, we discovered that Everlast’s Weighted Vest can be worn on all occasions during your daily routine even under your regular clothes, unrestricting you from the premises of the gym. 

All in all, this vest is ideal for both beginners and seasoned CrossFit enthusiasts who are looking to maximize the efficacy of their training regimen. 

2. MIR Women’s Weighted Vest

2. MIR Women’s Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


MIR is held in high regard for its diverse and inclusive range of fitness equipment which caters to female athletes and CrossFit enthusiasts. MIR’s Women’s Weighted Vest is designed specifically to fit the female body to maximize comfort and enable mobility through its feature of equal weight distribution, which assists in maintaining agility during athletic performance. 

The MIR Women’s Weighted Vest is constructed of durable 1200-D Nylon, accompanied by a customizable Velcro belt that ensures that the vest is established in a specific position regardless of how intense the workout may be. Moreover, it also possesses the feature of removable weights tailored according to your preference, capable of holding anywhere from 10 to 50 lbs. of weight, adjustable in increments of 3 lbs.


  • Weight: 10-50 lbs.
  • Material: Durable 1200-D Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Department: Female specific design


  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable weights in 3-pound increments
  • Adjustable Velcro belt
  • Double padding
  • Secure Fit
  • Adjustable weight option
  • Accommodating shoulder straps enabling a snug fit
  • Breathable Nylon ensuring comfort
  • Compact
  • Difficult to add or remove weights

 What Makes MIR Weighted Women’s Vest the Best? 

MIR Weighted Women’s Vest is one of the Best Weighted Vests for CrossFit in the market specifically designed for the needs and posture of women. It is perfect for exercises in the CrossFit category and other cardio-intensive physical activities such as bicycling, running, HIIT, and more. 

Moreover, since it has the feature of adjustable weights, it is the ideal weighted vest for beginners who are eager to delve into the CrossFit lifestyle or those who want to introduce weights into their fitness routine. By starting from the minimum weight setting, users can build their endurance and strength till they can manage to sustain the maximum capacity of 50 lbs. to achieve their desired vigor. 

3. Henkelion Weighted Vest

3. Henkelion Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


The Henkelion Weighted Vest has an ergonomic design, structured to distribute weight equally in your shoulders, back, and torso to allow utmost comfort, refraining from causing strains or muscle rupture during high-intensity training. 

Moreover, the product is filled with premium iron pellets and metal rocks for superior quality. The Henkelion Weighted Vest also focuses on practicality, manufactured from Neoprene, a soft, sweat absorbing material, with an addition of a mesh pocket located at the back of the vest. 

It also comes with an elastic strap that is to be bound across the waist for an optimal fit, and an extra adjustable strap for maximum comfort and to avoid the vest from shifting, which could be an obstruction during a workout session. 

The Henkelion Weighted Vest comes in a series of weights ranging from 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, to 20 lbs. 


  • Weight: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 lbs.
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Available in Black / Grey / Pink / Purple / Green
  • Department: Adult/Children unisex
  • Dimensions:
    • 4 lbs.-12 lbs.: 14 inches (H) x 12 inches (W)
    • 16 lbs.: 15.7 inches (H) x 15.7 inches (W)
    • 20 lbs.: 16.5 inches (H) x 15.7 inches (W)


  • Built-in iron pellets and metal rocks
  • Reflective elastic strap at the waist
  • Additional reflective strap
  • Mesh Pocket
  • Adjustable Buckle
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Comfortable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Reflective straps
  • Weight is non-adjustable

What makes Henkelion Weighted Vest the best?

The Henkelion Weighted Vest deserves points for its feasibility and functionality. With their added features of pockets at the front, back and a mesh pocket at the bottom, they are ideal for storing essential everyday objects during your CrossFit such as cellphones, earphones, keys, etc. 

Moreover, it provides the consumers a wide array of different colors to choose from which adds an exciting element to a workout routine. 

We experienced that the reflective straps are quite useful for cautionary reasons, making the user appear visible at night or anywhere in the dark for preventing accidents.

 Apart from that, the buckle and the adjustable straps function appropriately to fit any size or body type, while remaining comfortable and hoisting the weighted vest down during a strenuous fitness regime. 

Hence, if you want to become used to a specific weight and slowly develop your strength, the Henkelion Weighted Vest is a running contender for the Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit.   

4. Cross101 Adjusted Weighted Vest

4. Cross101 Adjusted Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


The Cross101 Adjusted Weighted Vest is one of the acclaimed names in the weighted vest equipment industry. It is the ideal vest for someone who is concentrated on developing their resistance and whose primary workout regimen is CrossFit or strength training. 

This weighted vest is constructed from heavy-duty material and has adjustable iron ore weights of 4 lbs. each. The weighted vest itself is available in weights ranging from 20 lbs. to 60 lbs with a Velcro belt for securing it according to your comfort level.

 The product also has an added feature of pockets, as well as a water bottle holder that contributes to the distribution of weight in the vest. 


  • Weight: 20-60 lbs.
  • Material: Heavy duty
  • Color: Camo
  • Dimensions: 15 inches (H) x 13 inches (W)
  • Department: Unisex adult


  • Removable iron ore weights of 4 lbs. each
  • Velcro belt
  • Pockets
  • Water bottle holder
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Compact
  • Can be restrictive and affect performance

What makes Cross101 Adjustable Weighted Vest the best?

If you want to reach the athletic ability that you aspire for, then Cross101 Adjustable Weighted Vest is one of the Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit that you should get your hands on. 

It is suitable for adding resistance in your training that could further enhance your workout routine, especially in CrossFit or strength exercise.

 Moreover, its adjustable weight gives this product an edge over its competitors, providing liberty to the consumer in experimenting and challenging themselves with different weights to develop resolution and endurance. 

It also has the nifty feature of pockets to hold your belongings, as well as a water bottle holder which is useful for hikes and sprints. 

5. CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

5. CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


A leader in fitness equipment, CAP has globally engraved its name in the minds of all gym enthusiasts for its outstanding diversified range of products. 

Hence, it should come as no surprise to witness that CAP’s Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is a deserving contender for the Best Weighted vest for CrossFit.  

The weighted vest itself is made out of reinforced nylon and polyester which is a durable construction. It has a wide array of weighted options to select from, starting from 40 to 50, 60,70, 80, 100, and 150 pounds. 

However, due to its removable weight, CAP provides its users the option to adjust the weight of the vest through individual weight packets that consist of 2.5 lbs. of iron ore fines. 

Moreover, the vest is supported with a Velcro belt for hastening purposes, as well as padded shoulders for comfort. 

However, CAP is well researched in its target audience and has also added parachute hooks at the back of the vest. 


  • Weight: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 150 lbs.
  • Material: Reinforced parachute and nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 13.39 inches (L) x 10.24 (W) x 8.46 (H)
  • Department: Adult Male


  • Adjustable weight of packets of 2.5 lbs. of iron ore fines
  • Velcro belt
  • Shoulder paddings
  • Parachute hooks
  • Adjustable weight of 2.5 pound Increments
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Shoulder paddings for extra comfort
  • Strong Velcro belt
  • Can be difficult to breathe in humid climate

What makes CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest the best?

The CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is the suitably weighted vest for you if you are looking to build up your endurance, increase your strength while burning excess calories.

 Due to the added resistance from the weight increments, this weighted vest is ideal for amplifying muscle-building activities and cardio-centered CrossFit training. 

Despite its affordable price range, this weighted vest does not compromise on either effectiveness or comfort.

 Although it is quite sturdy looking and feeling, the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted vest prioritizes its consumers’ congeniality by adding padded shoulders to avoid causing strain to the muscles, as well as an adjustable Velcro belt so that the consumer can tighten it according to their preference. 

Moreover, this weighted vest also allows for a diverse set of activities to be practiced as can be observed by the added parachute hooks for those interested in adding weight to their parachute running or training to help them achieve their desired build. 

6. MiR Short Weighted Vest

6. MiR Short Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


The MiR Short Weighted Vest is comparatively quite compact as compared to its competitors and rides high on the chest, which is perfect for a one-size-fits-most weighted vest.

 The product is constructed from 1200D reinforced Nylon, its weight ranging from 20 lbs. to 60 lbs. Along with the weighted vest, the weights come included in the solid iron form, weighing 3 lbs. individually with a maximum weight capacity of 90 lbs. For even weight distribution, the weights have to be loaded in both the front and back pockets for greater athletic agility.

 Moreover, the weighted vest has double paddings throughout its interior and an air mesh for ventilation. To harness the weighted vest, MiR has constructed a fastening belt at the chest area accompanied with adjustable straps located at the back of the vest for a customized fit.


  • Weight: 20-60 lbs.
  • Material: Reinforced 1200-D Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 11 inches in length
  • Department: Unisex adult


  • Adjustable solid iron weights of 3 lbs.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Velcro belt
  • Double-padded shoulders
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Adjustable weights in 3 pounds
  • Increment
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Time-consuming weight changes

What makes MiR Short Weighted Vest the best?

Due to its customizability and flexibility, the MiR Short Weighted Vest is one of the Best Weighted Vests for CrossFit activities, its compact, lightweight form providing the athlete the leverage to maneuver according to their will. 

The MiR weighted vest is especially ideal for beginners or those who want to enhance their CrossFit training with added weights and slowly progress their endurance and weightlifting performance. 

The mid-chest Velcro belt is also an excellent addition to the weighted vest, providing not only a customized snug fit to its varying users, but fastens it down so that they can exhibit their athletic agility without any interference from the resistance tool. 

7. RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

7. RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


RUNmax is a leading brand in weighted vests earning its credibility for concentrating solely on this single type of product which is revered by all fitness enthusiasts alike. 

The RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest is acclaimed for the mobility it provides to its athletes for various fitness activities which are attributed to the heavy-duty ballistic nylon material used by RUNmax. 

The weighted vest itself is available in a variety of different weights ranging from 12 pounds to 60 pounds, suitable for all body shapes and types. Moreover, the weights for the vest are included in the original package and are adjustable, consisting of sandbags contained within a nylon shell. 

Moreover, it has pockets located at the front and back for equal distribution of weight, with added features of a phone pocket and a water bottle holder. The RUNmax Pro Weighted vest also comes with an extra property of shoulder pads for comfort, and Velcro straps to fasten the vest accurately for peak performance.


  • Weight: 12 lbs. / 20 lbs. / 40 lbs. / 50 lbs. / 60 lbs.
  • Material: heavy duty ballistic nylon
  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x 12 (H) x 9 (W)
  • Color: Black
  • Department: Unisex adult


  • Adjustable sandbag weights
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Additional shoulder pads
  • Phone pocket
  • Water bottle holder
  • Adaptable for all body types
  • Removable weights
  • Extra shoulder padding for comfort
  • Easy to adjust weights
  • The Velcro belt might not be tight enough for a snug-fit

What makes RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest the best?

The RUNmax Pro weighted vest is perfect for performing vigorous workouts that require intense mobility, and is specifically appropriate for CrossFit training and running. 

The RUNmax Pro heavily focuses on achieving customer satisfaction, and this is observed through the product’s emphasis on comfort where the added shoulder pads restrict chafing, and the sandbag weight encourages agility as opposed to metal weights. 

Moreover, our experience with the weights was that they can be removed or added quickly with ease by slipping the nylon shell into either the front or back pocket of the weighted vest and adjusting it according to your preferences, equally distributing the weight to avoid causing strain to the back and shoulders.

 The weighted vest also has an additional feature of the convenience of the phone pocket to ensure your mobile is safe and sound with you while you’re training, and the water bottle holder which is practical when going for a run. 

8. Z ZELUS Weighted Vest

8. Z ZELUS Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


A brand that is centered around promoting a healthier lifestyle, Zelus strives to provide its consumers with affordable yet effective workout equipment so that those unable to train at a gym can do so at home with their professional tools. 

The Z Zelus Weighted Vest is manufactured out of premium, durable neoprene rubber fabric that is double stitched to ensure that the iron sand weight that is built-in inside the weighted jacket stays intact.

 Moreover, Zelus also gives the option of customizable features, such as elastic straps and reflective stripes that can be adjusted according to the preference of the athlete. 

Functionality is key for Zelus, who has designed detachable dual zipper storage pockets situated at the front of the weighted vest to keep your phone and keys, along with an elastic-mesh pocket located at the back for extra storage space. 


  • Weight: 12 lbs. / 16 lbs. / 20 lbs.
  • Material: Neoprene rubber fabric
  • Color: Black, blue, grey
  • Measurements: 28.4 x 24.9 x 9.8 cm
  • Department: Unisex adult


  • Built-in iron sand weight
  • Elastic straps
  • Reflective stripes
  • Dual zipper storage pockets
  • Elastic mesh pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Reflective Stripes
  • Adjustable pockets for convenience
  • The weight is fixed

What makes Z Zelus Weighted Vest the best?

CrossFit is all about mobility and the Z Zelus weighted vest delivers it in every aspect, thus it is at the forefront of the Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit.

 Due to its durable, yet gentle fabric its lightweight material allows the athlete to perform effectively and increase their agility. 

However, this could not have been possible without the cushioned shoulder straps that assist in adding comfort and eradicating any muscle tension to the concentrated area, which allows the athlete to focus on their fitness routine. 

Moreover, it is the ideal weighted vest in additional resistance for challenging your athletic potential in a diverse set of physical activities to develop the strength and stamina to achieve your desired prowess. 

The Z Zelus Weighted vest is also one of the few weighted vests which permit the athletes in exercising at night, with the assistance of the reflected straps that allow the athlete to train effectively in the dark. 

9. JBM Weighted Vest

9. JBM Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


The JBM Weighted Vest provides its users with the resistance needed to elevate their workout regimen, whether it’s CrossFit, high-intensity cardio, or strength training by affixing additional weight to their routine through the weighted vest. 

Weighing at 12 lbs. assisted by the in-built, evenly distributed sand weight, and constructed from soft neoprene fabric, the JBM Weighted Vest allows you to engage your core strength during exercises, while maintaining your speed and agility. 

The weighted vest also comes with an adjustable buckle to secure the vest, and other additional features such as a mesh pocket situated at the back of the pocket to store your valuable items, and reflective strips.


  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Material: Neoprene fabric
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 17 inches (L) x 3.2 inches (W)
  • Department: Unisex adult


  • Built-in sand weights
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Mesh pocket
  • Reflective strips
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable Material
  • Handy storage pockets
  • The weight is not adjustable
  • Prone to tears

What makes JBM Weighted Vest the best?

JBM Weighted Vest has all the characteristics and functionalities of a noteworthy weighted vest that would be efficient for any intensive physical workout and can achieve your desired strength and fitness goals. 

This weighted vest is apt for beginners who are new to strength training and CrossFit activities and would prefer to start from a bearable amount of weight to build their endurance and progressively increase their strength. 

In addition to this, this weighted vest was developed with comfort instilled as a principal priority in the mind of the manufacturer by utilizing such a lightweight and breathable material, with an adequately distributed weight that would allow flexibility for even the stockist athlete. 

Moreover, the designer reflective trimmings on the weighted vest for visibility purposes at night time, accompanied with the strategically placed storage mesh pocket for convenience always earns brownie points. 

10. RUNFast/Max 12 lbs. – 140 lbs. Adjustable Weighted Vest 

10. RUNFast Max 12 lbs. - 140 lbs. Adjustable Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


RUNFast makes it a point to ensure its customers get the best products. The Adjustable Weighted Vest is a “One Size Fits Most” type strength training vest that is perfectly engineered for athletes and anyone who is seeking to amplify their strength training program. 

The weighted vest will be an excellent addition to your strength training or other routines you may want a weighted vest for due to the resistance it offers. 

The weighted vest is made up of heavy-duty ballistic nylon which is easy to wear and durable. The vest comes with different removable weights between 12 pounds and 140 pounds, specifically, the weight options include 20 lbs. / 40 lbs. / 50 lbs. / 60 lbs. / 80 lbs. / 100 lbs. / 120 lbs. and 140 lbs. 

Given this variety, you’re able to find a weight that fits your body type and fitness goals. The RUNFast/Max Weighted vest also comes with sturdy shoulder pads with Velcro straps which aid your performance. 


  • Weight: 20 lbs/ 40 lbs/ 50 lbs/ 60 lbs/ 80 lbs/ 100 lbs/ 120 lbs and 140 lbs
  • Dimensions: ‎40.64 x 38.1 x 10.16 cm
  • Material: Heavy-duty ballistic nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Department: Unisex Adult


  • Variety of weights
  • One size fits most
  • Shoulder pads available
  • Adjustable straps
  • Multiple weight options
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps which can adapt to different body sizes
  • Shoulder pads spread pressure across large area
  • 1 year warranty offered by manufacturer
  • Weights are removable
  • One size

What makes RUNFast/Max 12lbs-140lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest the best?

The RUNFast/Max Weighted vest is regarded as the #1 best seller in strength training weight vests and rightfully so. 

The vest has multiple pockets which allow for uniform weight distribution when you wear it and allows you to train with your desired number of weights. Due to its design, the weighted vest is comfortable to train in and is easy to wear and remove. 

The sturdy waist and shoulder straps allow you to adjust the weighted vest accordingly and allow it to stay in place during intense workouts and training. In conclusion, if you are looking for a heavy weighted vest that allows for a lot of adjustabilities then the RUNFast/Max is the best weighted vest for CrossFit product for you.

11. CAP Barbell Women’s Weighted Vest

11. CAP Barbell Women’s Weighted Vest - Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit


CAP’s product range of its women’s weighted products is equally as impressive as its unisex and male fitness equipment line. 

The CAP Barbell Women’s Weighted Vest is constructed from reinforced nylon and polyester, weighing at 30 lbs. assisted with individual removable weight packets consisting of iron ore fines.

 Moreover, this weighted vest comes in one size, which is modified with the adjustable Velcro belt, fitting various body types. 

In addition to this, the CAP Barbell Women’s Weighted Vest has supplementary features such as padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort and hooks situated at the back of the weighted vest to partake in diverse physical activities. 


  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Material: Reinforced nylon and polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 19 (L) x 3 (W) x 12 (H) inches
  • Department: Specifically, for Women


  • Removable weight packets of iron ore fines
  • Adjustable Velcro belt
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Hooks
  • Reflective straps
  • Adjustable weight increments of 3 lbs.
  • Versatile
  • Machine washable
  • Snug fit
  • Strangely attached Velcro straps

What makes CAP Barbell Women’s Weighted Vest the best?

The resistance provided by this weighted vest is far better than the standard unisex weighted vest. This product allows a greater booster in strength and weight training and checks off all the boxes to be a top contender for the Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit training.

 Not only is this vest perfect for physical activities, but it provides comfort to its users as well through the padded shoulder pads to refrain strains from occurring to the muscles, while also ensuring that the weighted vest is strapped to the chest in close proximity for a better, comfortable fit. 

This weighted vest also encourages a diverse range of physical activities to indulge in through its exclusive features, such as the hooks that are for chute resistance training to make full use of the strengthening tool. 


As mentioned earlier, these are the top picks in the market for the best-weighted vest for CrossFit exercise that would guarantee to revolutionize your workout regimen in assisting you to challenge your physical ability and reaching new heights in terms of endurance and strength.

 However, according to us, the top 3 amongst all of these are the Z ZELUS Weighted Vest, CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest, and RUNFast/Max 12lbs-140lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest.

These three top-weighted vests not only have a huge cult following behind them of fitness enthusiasts who swear by them, but they also displayed visible results of resistance, and physical improvements in our physique, making us one step closer to our fitness goal. 

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