How to Get Over Gym Anxiety (Gymtimidation)?

You will know the basic reasons, and how to get over Gym Anxiety and Fitness Fears in this ultimate guide.

Are you familiar with the term Gymtimidation? This term explains the fear condition experience by someone attending the gym or fitness center. Gym Anxiety is another term describes Fitness Fear. In this article, we have explained the facts and reasons why this happens and how to get over Gym Anxiety and Fitness Fear.

Someone experiencing this situation starts to generate reasons and excuses to support this condition. For example; why people are/will be looking at me like this? I have no time, I am too tired for long hours of work. I am out of budget and I cannot afford this bla bla bla…

How to Get Over Gym Anxiety or Fitness Fear in 2020?

First of all, Believe in yourself and Accept yourself. Once you will do this, you will know about your strengths and weaknesses. Then automatically you will stop giving the reasons and excuses and fill focus on your goals.

A friend of mine once decided to start the gym and subscribe to the one-year membership. He paid for one year to motivate himself or better to say that he did because he thought in this way he would do this regularly. But in the end, he stopped and lost his money.


Because of Fear. He started to give reasoning that I cannot go alone. I have too much work and not time for the gym etc. Did you ever notice that after watching a horror movie, if you feel something unusual, you give reasons or excuses to yourself that nothing happens and ignore? The same thing happens when you have fears of going to the gym alone.

Never Let the Fear Decide your Fate

8 Best Ways How to Get Over Gym Anxiety

1. I have No Time

How to Get Over Gym Anxiety

The biggest excuse made by most of the people is “I don’t have time for the gym”. This excuse is very common among men & women, businessmen & employees, married & unmarried, etc. To support their excuse, they used to say that we have long working hours. We hardly spare time for kids and family. It is not possible for us to go to the gym or fitness centers?

Don’t forget that if you will be healthy and fit, you can do more work and can spare more time with your kids and family. You must concern about your health and fitness because your family might not accept you sick and tired.

How you can manage yourself to spare time for health and fitness? First of all, revisit you daily routine and find out from where you can take some time. Then find some gym, yoga or fitness center near you and subscribe the membership. Start your workout to remain healthy and fit.

But gym subscription is not compulsory. There are many other ways with gym, which can help you. You can include exercises in you daily life. Avoid using the elevators and escalators. Always use the stairs. Try to walk more in you daily life like going to grocery shop, etc. Also, some indoor exercises can be done while watching your favorite TV Show or Movie.

Make it compulsory in your daily life the same as your job. If you earn money without taking care of your health and fitness, in the end, you will be spending that money on your health by paying medical bills and medicines.

2. Fear of Uncertainty

This is a situation in which something is not known and in this case, it is a fear of not being sure what to do in the gym or fitness center. If you don’t know what to do in the gym, you’re not likely to choose a super effective workout to be fit.

Same way, you might not be sure about the interaction with people, trainers. Which workout will give the best result, how to do it, what equipment to use and how to use it? All of the above-mentioned conditions can be considered the fear of uncertainty and gym anxiety.

The solution is easy and simple but requires consistency. First of all, find out some beginner’s guidelines before you step into the gym. Read some success stories to motivate yourself. Then visit the gym before subscribing to the membership. It will help you to see how people interact with each other and with trainers. Also, you can easily find free videos on the internet for different workouts which will be helpful for you to know which and how to use the equipment.

3. Fear of Being Judged

What others think about me? What they are talking about me? Why he is looking at me like this? These are some of the questions are the indicator that you are afraid of Judgment.

Fear of Judgement is experienced by almost all people in different fields of life either it is professional or personal life. Usually, when someone joins the gym first time, other people look at them but it does not mean that they are judging him. Remember, nobody bothers you and even they might not notice you. Everyone in the try to focus on what they are doing to get what they want.

Now, how you can overcome the Fear of Judgement? Just Focus on what you have decided to do. Always think positive. If someone is looking at you, it might be possible that you are doing something wrong or incorrect. Ask help from them or the trainer to check if you are doing right or wrong

4. How and Where to Start

How to Get Over Gym Anxiety

Starting a new thing is not much challenging today as compared to the past because you can easily find the guideline before stepping into it. But still, when you will join the gym the first time in your life, the first thing come to your mind will be, how and where to start. This happens because everything will be new for you. Usually, things look different theoretically and practically.

Now how you will know how and where to start? Simply ask the trainer, because they will be giving you the complete induction, guideline, and schedule of what, how and where to do. Always remember that every expert and trainer was a beginner at the
start and it is possible that he had faced the same as you.

In the beginning, whatever you do, show the trainer. Doing the wrong workout that can lead to some injury or other issues. Decide your fitness goals. You must know why you are here otherwise you will lose your time and money.

5. No Improvement

I have been working out for more than 6 months but nothing changed. There is no or a little improvement in my body. I have wasted my time and money. If you are thinking like this, you are suffering from Gym Anxiety.

You would feel disappointed if fail to get the desired result after the hard work. Sometimes it happens but it does not mean that you are thinking to quit. It’s mean that you did not plan correctly.

Usually, people set unrealistic goals within a short span of time. No doubt, they work really hard but it is not possible to achieve that even for experts.

Always set your goals and targets realistic. Discuss it with experts or trainers what you want to achieve. They will tell you how to set goals based on their experience. Never give up and follow your routine timetable and you will see the changes in your body.

Remember nothing happens overnight. Be positive and patient.

6. Comparison

Comparison is one of the biggest Gym Anxiety Trigger. Usually, people start the comparison of them with other people and the results, something is disappointing for them. Everyone has a different body structure. Some can get a good body shape with less workout and time while the others do more workout and spend more time to get the same result.

Secondly, there is no comparison with those who are doing more workout, lifting more weight for many years. If the comparison is compulsory for you then compare with those who are in your batch. The comparison of beginners with experts is the same as the comparison of a schoolboy with a university graduate.

Remember that every expert was a beginner at the start. It is his dedication, focus, hard work and time that enable him the current status. Compare to give vision, target, confidence, and motivation to yourself. This way you will be succeeded.

7. Going Gym Alone

This fear applies to most of the beginners (not all). Going to the gym alone (without a friend or partner) is another trigger of gym anxiety. Most people do not feel comfortable working out alone or with strangers in the gym because the expected excitement, pleasure and goals cannot be achieved this way. However, some people are very social and make friends quickly but these are really a few.

So how to overcome this gym anxiety? Find the buddy and make him agree to join the gym with you. If he is already doing this, it will be a plus point because you can learn from him better than someone else. Working out with a friend will not only give you the confidence and result but also it will be great fun. Working out with a partner is always more effective, motivated and fruitful as compared to doing it alone. I did the same when I joined the gym the first time in my life.

8. Always be Positive

How to Get Over Gym Anxiety-b+ve

All the above-mentioned fitness fears and anxieties often erupt and demotivate us. Sometimes we will not get the required result on time. Also, some of our batch follow or friend get the better shape than us and we start feeling jealous.

Don’t let this fear occupy your mind. Never compare you with others. There is only one person in the world who knows you very well is “You”. Never lies with yourself and always remain sincere with you. Mental or psychological workout is also important with the gym to work out and it will disappear all of your fears. Only you can make it. Always remember, If you think you can do, you can do.”

Fear or Anxiety is a normal phenomenon for everything we will do the first time in our lives. Health, Fitness, and workout are not exempted. If you will go through the records of gym and fitness centers that you will be amazed by the number of cases where people subscribed to the membership and never joined. Others were those who joined but left in a few days. If you try to find out the reasons, you might find one from the above list. I tried to write some Fitness Fear and Gym Anxiety and how to get over gym anxiety and similar conditions.

The Fear and Anxiety are like monsters in our minds that appears when we think about working out. Become the Super Hero of yourself the beat these monsters. Believe in yourself and “Never Let Fear Decide Your Fate”

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