Want to Lose Weight – Remember 7 Important Things

You are here because you Want to Lose Weight. Losing weight was never an easy mission. It is not a mission impossible but still, it is near to impossible for those who are not honest with their commitments. Maintaining the perfect weight and losing extra weight is very important to live a healthy life. There are hundreds of weight loss methods but one must choose the method which is healthy. Keep in mind that “Rome was not built in a Day” and you must apply this rule to reduce the weight. Slow and Steady, you will win this weight losing race.

You might notice that most of the people look unsatisfied with the result of their weight loss plan. It happens because there is something wrong that is preventing to get the best or required results. In this article, we have some tips for you that would work in real life.

7 Important Things to Remember If You Want to Lose Weight

1. Following the Specific Diet Plan

Want to Lose Weight - Remember 7 Important Things

Usually, people follow different dieting plans to lose weight which are followed by other people or celebrities. Following those plans does not guarantee the same result for you because of the difference in lifestyle, body structure, and other activities. If you are also following some dieting plan to lose the weight, which you got from your friend, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social medial, or it is followed by some celebrity, you might not get the result and would lose your time and money, not the weight or fat.

What is the perfect weight loss diet plan for you? The one that is suitable for your body and lifestyle. Better to consult with some Nutrition Specialists who make your diet plan that really works.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Want to Lose Weight - Remember 7 Important Things 2

Another issue with most of the people is that they set unrealistic goals. When someone makes the plans to lose weight, they get highly motivated and excited and they want to lose weight very quickly. They want the result withing weeks which is actually not possible.

Now the question might come in the mind that then how to set the right goals? I would like to suggest to learn how to set the goals first. You can google and will find many articles about goal setting. Read some of those and you will get an idea about setting realistic goals. Once you understand this concept, you will be able to set numerous small goals or big goals with step by step planning. You can also consult with some fitness specialists to help you in setting the goals or they can make a plan for you to follow.

3. No Excuses

Want to Lose Weight - Remember 7 Important Things 4

One of the most common sentences you will find in the market is “I want to lose weight but I don’t have time.” Research says the most of the people don’t exercise because they think they are very busy in their office work, business, shop, household, kids, etc. They cannot spare enough time for themselves. But they forget that if they will not take care of their health, they cannot do correctly all the above-mentioned tasks that keep them busy and never let them think about their health.

Spare some time for yourselves, or you can make small changes in your lifestyle to keep you healthy. For example, don’t use the metro, two-wheeler or four-wheeler for going to work or coming from work if possible. Use the stairs instead of elevators. Go to grocery shop using your legs. Once you will do small changes in your routine, you will find the big and healthy changes in you and your body. You will feel healthy physically and mentally.

4. Don’t Isolate Yourself

Want to Lose Weight - Remember 7 Important Things 5

Many people have a complex that what people will think about them doing weight loss activities. There is a term Gymtimidation which explains a similar mental condition. This thing might be destructive for someone who thinks like this. Humans are social animals and this nature cannot be changed. Involve your friends and family with you and be confident that they would be willing to help you in mission weight loss. Group activities are usually more productive and full of fun.

Discuss your diet plan with your family, friends or roommates, and get their support to follow you. They will stop you from making the violation. Similarly, find the help of your friends at work, gym, and other workout activities.

5. Calculate The Nutritional Intake

Want to Lose Weight Remember 7 Important Things 6 | Want to Lose Weight - Remember 7 Important Things

When you are on a diet plan, you must be very conscious about Nutritional intake. It could be difficult for someone to keep track of your daily intakes. Intake means here is not only calories. Fat, protein, fiber, etc. also need to be taken care of.

Now, it is not such a difficult thing because almost all the products have a chart showing the number of different elements. Also, many health applications are available for smartphones that can have a record of your intake. The best suggestion is to get a diet chart from Nutritionist where all intakes are already calculated and you will get the result of weight loss mission.

6. Avoid sitting all day.

Want to Lose Weight - Remember 7 Important Things 7

Many people are doing office jobs and spend most of their time in sitting positions. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) term is used for all the non-exercise movement a person does all day. If someone is doing nothing and spending his all-time sitting on the chair, its body consumes up to 30% of your total burnt calorie. But it is not good and you just need to go around to do other activities.

If you are one among those who have a desk job, you are in danger of health threats. It would be better to break the sitting position every hour. You can walk around the office. If you like you, boss, you can see him at least 2-3 times a day, go by yourself for tea, coffee or water refilling. You can also go to the restroom, and if you are a smoker (which is also bad for health), you can easily get a good chance to go out.

7. Stick with Best

Today, paper media, electronic media, and social media are full of ads which are claiming to have the best product for weight loss. These are including herbal, medical, homeopathic products like Tea, Pills, Syrups, etc. These are claiming to reduce your weight withing weeks. First of all, these products do not give the claiming result. Secondly, some of these could be dangerous for your health. If any product give the quick result that will not be long lasting.

Remember my suggestion to give at least the same time period to your weight loss plan that you spend on weight gaining. Accept the truth that weight loss is not an easy and short time task. You are here because you want to lose weight so do it in a healthy way. Changing the habit is always the uncomfortable and not easy thing. But, when you will achieve the target, you will feel the real happiness.

Every over weight person want to lose weight but only those will be successful who will follow the rules. Understanding the things are good but only understanding will not give you the result. To get the result you have to do the things practically. I would like to say best of luck to those who are really want to lose weight and show the others that they have done it.

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